Graphic Design and Art Direction

Carissa is a graphic designer specializing in brand identity, UI/UX, and art direction based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from ArtCenter College of Design, California. She believes design is a vital tool made for communicating stories across multiple platforms. When she isn’t designing, she can be found writing and plotting her next novel idea.

Do hit her up if you’re interested to collaborate or just to say hello!
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︎︎︎ Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
ArtCenter College of Design (2015), Los Angeles, CA

︎︎︎ &friends, Jakarta, Indonesia
︎︎︎ Brandkraft Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia
︎︎︎ Bates Chi & Partners, Jakarta, Indonesia
︎︎︎ JED Creative, Jakarta, Indonesia
︎︎︎ LIFT Agency, San Francisco, CA
︎︎︎ Embraer Executive Jets, Melbourne, FL

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