Graphic Design, UI/UX, Art Direction


Branding | UI/UX

Done at Brandkraft Studio,
Jakarta 2018

The project was later released under the name of Yummybox.


Ismaya Group
Yummybox Corp

Creative Director: Will Gandayuwana
Brand Designer: Andre Edfan
Guideline Designer: Yonathan Adhiatma
UI/UX Designers: Yonathan Adhiatma, Carissa Atrianty

Developer: Galih Herlambang
Following the growth of digital culture in Jakarta as well as culinary trends, personalization has become a vital need in the growing digital culture along with thriving culinary hype in Jakarta. Yumbox which currently known as Yumbox emerges to connect both trends to create an entirely new personalization experience.

Under ISMAYA Group, the app provides a platform for users to curate their daily culinary experience. Yumbox takes users from picking their favorite meal to organizing their meal plans just under their fingertips.

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